Cabaret Electrique 2012 Toggle

This project performed an open and playful exploration of the possibilities for using live animation on stage, inviting professional stage artists across several disciplines. The project culminated in December 2012, with two live shows at the Royal Dramatic Theater (Dramaten) in Stockholm, Sweden.

Character workshop (spring 2012)
In this workshop we explored the expressiveness of various forms of live animated characters. Some characters were manipulated by puppetry techniques ranging from glove puppets and muppets to complex bunraku puppets. Others were driven by the motion of mime artists, actors and dancers in full body mocap suits.

Theater workshop (fall 2012)
This work focused on the interaction between live animated characters and real actors on stage, using several tricks to tear down the wall between the real and the digital. Cell-shaded characters were interacting with drawings on a whiteboard, real-time streamed video was pasted into the digital scenery and handheld projection surfaces were tracked and projection mapped.

Ellen Lamm (Director’s eye)
Sara Bexell (Puppeteer)
Alejandro Bonnet (Mime/Puppeteer)
Christian Hillborg (Actor)
Henrik Bäckbro (Mime/Puppeteer)
Filip Alexanderson (Actor)
Gustav Nordmark (Sound design)
Magnus Pettersson (Light design)
Simon Alexanderson (Character design 3D modelling, motion capture, R&D)
Alexandra Sundell (3D modelling and graphic design)
Tove Asplind (Producer)
Nils Claesson (Discussion moderator)

Åsa Unander-Scharin (Dancer/Choreographer)
Alejandro Bonnet (Mime/Puppeteer)
Amanda Magnusson (Puppeteer)
Andreas Braula (Puppeteer)

Kalle Jacobsson (Actor)
Tina Råborg (Actress)
Ola Björkman (Actor)
Sara Bexell (Puppeteer)
Ellen Lamm (Director)
Christian Hillborg (Actor)
Nils Claesson (StDH)
Mirko Lempert (StDH)

Nicklas Wedin (Film)
Göran Martling (Piano, The living animation)

Simon Alexanderson
Alexandra Sundell

Thanks to Iwan Peter Scheer and Colm Massey.