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Acting techniques for virtual performances. KU-project at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts (StDH)
Alejandro Bonnet, Henrik Bäckbro, Simon Alexanderson, Sara Bexell, Christian Hillborg, Mathew Allen, Filip Alexanderson

In contrast to the use of motion capture in film industry, real-time animation has no post-processing phase and there will inevitably be a reduction of expressive means (e.g. in facial expression and hand gestures) in the transfer of the performance from the actor to the digital character. The digital character may also have a very different physiognomy and appearance than the actor which affects the acting style.

In this project we investigate real-time animation performances from a stage acting, mime, and puppetry perspective. The project aims to give a deeper understanding on how real-time performances transfer to digital characters, and to develop practices for virtual acting. For full-body captured performances we use the acting methods by Stanislav Brosowski and Mathew Allen taught at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Thanks to: Lisa Björkström, Nils Claesson, Kalle-Lotta Mossige Norheim, Jenny Bjärkstedt